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Throughout the evening we had people coming up to us saying that ours was the best ceremony they've ever witnessed, and that our vows were so touching.


Michelle is an awesome priestess. She has the ability to put everyone at ease and create a truly magical experience.


Thank-you, Michelle, for performing our ceremony with just the right amount of both fun and class! Your grace and charm complemented our handfasting perfectly, and the way you included our daughter helped make our family become whole. This was certainly the best day of our lives, made simply perfect by your professional efforts and wonderful attitude! We can never thank-you enough! Blessed be,

Sean & Alexandra

Workshops for Couples

Write Your Own Vows
& Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Small Group Settings

Individual Attention

*Imagine having your wedding vows mirror your innermost feelings.

*Imagine your wedding ceremony reflecting your values and your unique individuality as a couple.

*Imagine having it all ready in a couple of hours.

Michelle Hrynyk can help you make it happen

3 hour workshop on writing
your own wedding vows.
Limited to 3 couples per session.
$135.00 per couple

3 hour workshop on
personalizing your wedding ceremony.
Limited to 3 couples per session.
$135.00 per couple.

2 hour consultation
with individual couples
to help them personalize their wedding ceremony or
write their vows.
$160.00 per couple

Call (613)230-5449
To book your date
or write to me by e-mail

Michelle Hrynyk has been helping couples write their vows
and personalize their weddings for over 12 years.
Some of these ceremonies include:

Non-Denominational weddings
Mediaeval weddings
Intercultural weddings
Blended family weddings
Theme weddings
Alternative lifestyle weddings
Child blessings

Professional, warm, discrete, easy to talk to
and well versed in different cultures and belief systems.
Please call ahead for a consultation.

Some brides spend days and weeks looking
for "just the right wedding dress",
not to mention hundreds of dollars.
Comparatively, how much time or energy
are you planning to invest in the vows
that seal your marriage or the ceremony that begins it?

Your wedding day is one brief day in time,
and although your vows are spoken in a matter of minutes,
they are the promises that will last a lifetime.

What will yours be like?