The Goddess Lectures Series -
Rescheduled to 2006

By Michelle Hrynyk

Exploring the Goddess' Stories
And Inviting Her Into Our Lives.


Their names are powerful and their stories bring us a deeper more fulfilling understanding of life.

They teach us of a transcendence that love can offer us.

Gather with friends new and old and listen to their sacred stories.

Come awaken your soul to the Goddess and learn how you can welcome Her into your heart and home.

At the MacLaren Center
340 MacLaren Street,
2nd floor.

8 weeks of Goddess Myth and Mysteries Revealed
$140.00 when you
before January 1st
or $160.00 after
January 1st

For more information
Call (613)230-5449

Dates T.B.A.

For the first two classes we will look at how myth shapes our thoughts. We will compare some contemporarty myths and interpretations of love with the stories and teachings within "The Golden Ass"; a novel that was written by a priest of Isis in the second century A.D. We will also explore the concept of self-blessings for opening our hearts and minds to the Goddess.

Dates T.B.A.

For the next two classes we will look at the myth of Aphrodite and the journey of love. We will address how love is a law unto itself and how it can bring us to great heights or make fools out of unwary followers. We will also explore the Goddess and sensuality and the concept of Ritual baths as a way of purifying and preparing ourselves for love.

Dates T.B.A.

For the next two classes we will look at the myths of Inanna and explore the importance of living life with unbridled passion. As a Goddess of Love and War, Inanna makes decisions that shape and change her world, creating and destroying, and loving with the whole of her being. Through her myths we are introduced to the Great Rite, the sacred marriage. We will also explore the origins of dance and chanting as forms of healing our bodies and awakening our passion.

Dates T.B.A.

On the final two classes we will listen to the myth of Demeter and Persephone. We will observe the strength of a mother's love and her journey through betrayal and loss. When all feels lost, where do we go? What do we do? From the depths of despair to the rekindling of faith and hope, Demeter's journey is as important today as it was for the 2.000 years that it was central to the Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient Greece. We will also explore the making and tending of a shrine to the Goddess and the quiet contemplation that can bring us to a more centered way of being.