The Goddess Lectures Series - 2004

By Michelle Hrynyk

A Journey into the Divine
Feminine and a Key to


Their names are powerful and invoke passion and wisdom beyond the centuries of silence and censorship.

Gather with friend new and old and listen to their sacred stories. Come awaken your heart to the Divine Feminine.

The Goddess lectures will explore Goddesses of ancient times in an enlightening and realistic way. Acquaint yourself with the power and mystery of the Divine Feminine. She has been with us since the beginning, and can guide us to a brighter future.

This class is not currently being offered.

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Contemporary myths and prehistoric depictions of the feminine

The Descent of Inanna: the power of the Goddess in Sumerian culture

Ishtar, Queen of the Night Sky: exploring sexuality as sacred

Isis, Mother of the Universe, and "The Golden Ass"

Demeter and Persephone: the Eleusinian Mysteries

Diana, Goddess of the Moon, and La Bona Dea in Ancient Rome

Celtic Goddesses: Brigit, Rhiannon, Arianrhod and the Danu

Goddesses of the Norse: Freya, Grigga, Iduna and Sif, Goddess of Earth Magic


The Queen of Heaven and Earth, she craved knowledge of the reality below.
Inanna the Goddess of Love and War, journeyed to the underworld,
where none had ever returned. Written over 4,000 years ago,
this is our first story of a quest to the land of the dead
and a template for death and resurrection myths that came after.


Too powerful to deal with, yet too deadly to be done away with:
Hecate, Goddess of the Triple Moon, Goddess of the Crossroads.
Zeus, Poseidon and Hades had to divide the rule of land, sea and underworld
between them while she reigned over all three.
Who is this dark Goddess and what does she offer you?